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Questa Sera Spirerà -video project

The Quarantine. The lock-down. The social distance. It made us think and re-think, question and re-question who we are. Here are two students of DanceHaus Saba Poori and Tejaswini Loundo attempting to put their thoughts into movements.
“A peephole. Just a hole in a whole. Are you on the inside or the outside?
I see the passer-bys passing by. If there are sides to this, where are you? Are you tasting or observing? Are experiencing or living? Do your eyes question things too? Are you curious?
The street lights turn on and the sky wears a deep blue robe. The day grows old and the sun silently sinks. What memories do you carry? What reflections do you contain?
As I question over and over, the evening watches over me tiredly and it sighs. The evening sighs and it will sigh again. And with it, I too sigh again.”

Text by our Tete Loundo

Video project by our beautiful Tete and Saba!!


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